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Accurate & competitive CIF Bid costings are essential if an academy, sixth-form college or eligible school is going to be successful in securing, for example, CIF funding. Even if the CIF bid is ultimately unsuccessful, the process of preparing an accurate tender pack & receiving competitive building costs can often help in budgeting for the works in the future.

We regularly prepare a detailed tender package following completion of a Condition Survey. This package covers the specification of all necessary works, allowing invited contractors to provide accurate costings. These three to five separate quotes then go through a process of tender analysis. Here we identify the most competitive cost that meets the required specification and can if required be included within a CIF bid. This is why we always recommend starting the CIF bid process in the Spring or early Summer. The above can take many months to complete accurately before the CIF Bid application deadline, usually in December.

As part of the 2020-21 Condition Improvement Fund, Peter Symonds College in Winchester instructed us to assist with CIF Bid pricing on two CIF Bids. The first was for Roof Repair and Replacement works. The second was Replacement of a Conservatory building.

Roof Repair and Replacement works

The flat roofs and elements of the pitched roofs have been subject to failure and many patch repairs, which have also failed in some locations.

Surveys of the flat roofing have identified it is in poor condition and is life expired with core samples confirming the minimal insulation present is ineffective as it is saturated. Moisture ingress from the failed coverings has caused damage to internal finishes, fixtures and is close to electrical services in several areas.

The proposed works would provide new flat roof coverings with 25-year insurance backed guarantees. In conjunction with this, the damaged asbestos soffits and timber fascias would be replaced with uPVC products. This would significantly reduce ongoing maintenance to the roofs and eaves details and address associated health and safety risks.

The flat roofs cover a significant percentage of the facility and the works would ensure the spaces below remain weathertight and operational.

Extract from the CIF Funding Application

Conservatory Building Replacement

The conservatory building has been subject to roof failure and many patch repairs, which have also failed in some locations. Surveys of the roof have identified it is life expired with water ingress causing damage to internal finishes, fixtures and electrical services in a number of areas.

The building is too cold in the winter months due to the thermal inefficiency of the building fabric and in the summer months, it is too hot due to the extent of glazing and excessive thermal gains which cannot be managed. These issues frequently mean the space cannot be used as intended and students have to use other spaces within the College that do not provide the required facilities/environment.  

The proposed works would provide a traditionally constructed building with a pitched tiled roof, brickwork walls and less glazing, all constructed to current Building Regulations. The new building would enable the space to be used all year round to avoid alternative measures being required.

Extract from the CIF Funding Application

Following the Condition Survey and tender analysis, the competitive CIF Bid pricing gave the college confidence to proceed with the works even though they were unsuccessful in securing CIF funding. The works are now in progress and Chawton Hill is managing them on-site on their behalf.

Chawton Hill was appointed by Peter Symonds College to assist with two CIF bids last year. I have been extremely impressed with their professional and friendly service. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. I have found them very reliable, competitive, courteous and I would happily recommend their services

Irfan Khan
Director of Finance – Peter Symonds College

If your academy, sixth-form college or school would like help in preparing a detailed tender package for a facilities project, perhaps following completion of a Condition Survey or after securing a successful CIF bid, then please get in touch.

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