Why small consultancies are better

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Why small consultancies are better – We have recently been successfully appointed onto two Dynamic Purchasing  System (DPS) Frameworks; Prosper’s Design & Consultancy Services DPS & NHS’s London Procurement Partnership Building Surveying DPS

In both cases we have applied under the Small to Medium Enterprise category but find ourselves competing against much larger, national corporations for tenders. Here’s why small consultancies are better, at least according to us!

Technical Specialisation

We have built our business on the particular vertical expertise of our founders and team members. In particular, we believe Chawton Hill is the UK’s leading specialist in designing & delivering Ambulance Make Ready Centres for the NHS. Having this vertical expertise, built over many years helps us deliver a more efficient program through a continual application of lessons learned. Something we’ve found larger organisations find hard to match as they tend towards broader, horizontal experience.

Flexibility, Speed & Price

The old saying is there are three types of service, Good, Cheap & Fast but you can only pick two!

Good & Cheap but it won’t be Fast

Fast & Good but it won’t be Cheap

Cheap & Fast but it won’t be Good

As we have a shorter learning curve in our areas of specialisation, less bureaucracy & lower overheads, we can offer Fast & Good at a competitive price. We simply don’t have the resources for excessive administration so have to work at an efficient pace, preferring a call to clarify an issue rather than forms and unnecessary meetings.

Staff Seniority

Rather than initially seeing a director at the pitch to then be handed over to a raft a more junior, day to day managers, our senior team are all still very hands on across all our projects. These projects are all key accounts for us and are treated as such.

Personalised Connection

Being a smaller team means more consistent communication, less bureaucracy and closer attention to detail. Our clients often find it’s this precision of management by a  passionate, close knit team that makes the difference between a good building and an outstanding one.

Please contact David Edwards on 01372 360663 if you would like to discuss your next building project and receive the kind of service and expertise the bigger consultancies struggle to deliver.


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