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Our business has expanded into other sectors over the past two decades. Notably, the Make Ready concept for England’s Ambulance Trusts. However, education projects have been central to our growth. But what makes us so successful in delivering school building projects?

Education projects

We have carried out over 150 major school building projects. Chawton Hill have worked with over 70 schools, academies and 6th form colleges. Each of these education projects presents a different set of challenges.

Through our ISO 9001 Quality Management system, we capture lessons learnt to inform the team about the next new education project. With so much experience, there aren’t many school building issues we haven’t delivered a successful solution for.

Range of Projects and Support

We have consistently helped schools apply for CIF funding and Urgent Capital Support each year. The process of gathering independent evidence, surveys, costs and schedules for funding applications have helped us optimise how we approach education projects. We’ve developed a range of skills required to manage projects in a live school environment. We understand the importance of being sensitive to your calendar and scheduling activities around key holiday periods.

Our client commissions range from minor alteration works, and building condition surveys for CIF bids through to the design and project management of new buildings and sensitively detailed extensions to schools.

This depth of experience helps us offer constructive advice on a whole range of school buildings. Talk to use about your education projects, CIF bid or UCS application. Email us at info@chawtonhill.com or call 01372 360663.

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