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A building survey is one of the most important steps of the home-buying process. It is an in-depth analysis of a property’s condition and includes advice on defects, repairs and maintenance options. If there are any problems, you can use the information in the survey to renegotiate the price of the property. It is also reasonable to ask the vendor to fix the issues before you buy. There are different types of surveys available. These range from the cheapest and most basic up to more expensive and comprehensive. Even the most detailed survey available, a full RICS Level 3 Building Survey, can pose further questions and require deeper inspection into what you might call ‘a trail of suspicion’!

Full Building Surveys

We only offer full building surveys at Chawton Hill. They are the most expensive survey but will provide the most detailed information on the structure and fabric of the property. These are best for large, old, run-down or unusual properties. We tend to recommend it for Georgian (1714 – c.1830), Victorian (1837 to 1901) or Edwardian (1890 to 1918) properties. It is also useful if you’re planning to carry out building work at your new home.


Purchasing a home will most likely be the most expensive investment that you will make in your life. A building survey gives a buyer peace of mind and helps to avoid unexpected costs further down the line. It is worth going for a Full Building Survey if your property is from a certain period or condition.


In some cases, a full inspection is not always possible. Physical conditions such as fitted carpets, heavy furniture, and fixed shut access hatches can prevent this. We will report and explain any limitations that we experience.

Further Inspections

There will also often be instances where further investigations are necessary and we will make this clear in the report. In such cases, we often recommend further access into an area or commissioning a specialist inspection report.

If you have any questions or would like to book a Full Building Survey with us, then please contact us today.