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Our top tips to sell your home for the best price.

As part of our building survey service, we offer a free walkaround with your surveyor to discuss the property. During this half hour or so discussion,  many of our customers mention things like, ‘I just know this is the one’ or ‘it just feels right’.

As a home seller, we believe it’s important to try and create that ‘feeling’ your home is ‘the one’. If you have ever taken a look around new building developments, they work very hard to present an engaging and aspirational lifestyle. They often use as many of the five senses as possible to help a potential buyer imagine themselves moving in. So, here are five Chawton Hill tips to sell your home.

#1 Sight

You can become ‘house blind’ after a few years. You tend to overlook tired furnishings or dull paintwork. That squeaky door just needs a bit of attention – I’ll fix it later…

It’s therefore important to walk around your house with buyers’ eyes and take in your surroundings critically. Maybe ask a friend to take a look around and to point out anything they think needs to be looked at – you will soon have a list of scuffs on skirtings, dust on top of cupboards and that squeaky door!

These jobs don’t take long to fix and it’s much better your potential buyer doesn’t see them, just the best features of your property.

#2 Touch

If you watch a buyer closely they will touch everything, often without realising it. They will run a hand over a kitchen worktop and feel the weight of doors. If it feels plush and luxurious, it can create strong a positive memory for a prospective buyer.

Try adding a blanket over the end of a bed or the back of a chair and extra white fluffy towels add a feeling of luxury to an otherwise bare bathroom. Remember also that a bad feeling is possibly even more memorable! A sticky surface, rough bannister or dirty door handle can be a big turn-off and is easily avoidable.

Consider asking a professional cleaner to blitz the whole house, it will be much easier to maintain during the viewings.

#3 Smell

Like becoming a little ‘house blind’ we can also become ‘nose blind’ & miss some of those unpopular smells. Emptying the bins, clearing out any pet litter trays, and cleaning the drains is always a good start.

Conversely don’t overpower your home with a plug-in fragrance in every socket! Pick something natural – freshly brewed coffee and baked bread are tried and tested tactics. If you have an open fire or woodburner, a stack of dry wood can give off a great smell. Dont forget to open the windows to get a good blast of fresh air before every viewing.

Good smells encourage buyers to stay longer giving them more time to imagine themselves living in your property.

#4 Listen

If you live by a main road, don’t forget to close those open windows before a viewing.

If your pipes rattle or your doors squeak, make sure to repair these issues before your home is shown. What a buyer will hear when they visit your property can affect the offer, even if it’s not consciously noted.

It’s also important to listen to feedback – not every viewer will place an offer, but you can learn a lot from any negative comments and ensure you fix any issues before another prospective buyer walks through your door!

#5 Taste

This may be a stretch, but everybody loves something for free! Leave out some cold drinks, or offer hot tea or coffee (remember that lovely coffee smell!) will ensure viewers are comfortable, meaning they will linger longer and have more time to take in your property.

Remember the freshly baked smell? Why not let them eat the final product too! You don’t need to be a winner of the Great British Bake Off but a few simple snacks can go a long way in creating a great first impression.

We hope these tips to sell your home help you appeal to all five senses of your potential buyers and create a relaxed, clean and homely environment that no buyer can resist!

Once you have secured an offer why not ask Chawton Hill to carry out a Building Survey on your new property, during the walkaround with your surveyor you can tick off the seller’s success at appealing to your five senses!