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At Chawton Hill, our team are our number one asset. There is little more important to us and our clients than the quality and experience of the people who carry out the work that Chawton Hill deliver.

Over the years our directors have been lucky to benefit from some great mentors and trainers. Mentors who got Chawton Hill to where we are today. They helped us learn surveying and project management skills needed to help our clients achieve the results they need.

It’s for this reason we do our best to support the Chawton Hill team in their careers. Particularly in guiding them through the RICS APC process. The APC (Assessment of Professional Competence) is a key step for the development of surveyors. It helps them to develop and prove their professional abilities.

Minimum Requirements for the APC

Before starting the process, there are minimum requirements, at least one of which must be met:

  • Relevant experience and an RICS-accredited degree.
  • 5 years of relevant experience and any bachelor’s degree.
  • 10 years of relevant experience operating at an advanced level by seniority, specialisation, or in academia.

However, the process requires some effort. At Chawton Hill, we know how daunting the process can be when starting from scratch. Besides the variety of projects and work experience we give our team access to, we have a programme to support our colleagues who want to take their careers to the next level.

Supporting Careers and Development

We aim to provide our team members with:

  • Help with competencies and APC supervision support.
  • Help with case studies and time to study/prepare material for submissions.
  • Mock assessments / interviews.
  • Help with subscription fees.
  • Mentoring and advice on the process.

We encourage staff to get started as soon as they are able on their APC and begin the path to chartership. The discipline of learning, reporting, record keeping and development instilled in the process are skills that will be needed throughout a surveyor’s career.

Assurance and Quality

Of course, it’s not an easy process. But the assurance of the RICS qualification to clients, and the level of competence demonstrated through the process of qualification are invaluable.

By ensuring our team have access to the latest knowledge and support, we can ensure our service to our clients is the best available.

Are you looking to join a team that will support you through the APC process? One that will ensure you benefit from a range of opportunities in the dynamic and changing world of construction and real estate? If so, get in touch today.