How to choose the best house survey

Building surveys; best house survey

What’s the best house survey type for your potential new home? A full building survey, a homebuyer’s report, or something else? We outline the choices available for every type of home. Do you know what type of house survey the home you want to buy needs? Whether you’re buying a home for the first time, or the tenth time, it’s … Read More

Why Do I Need a Building Survey?

Building Survey, Structural Survey, how much is a building survey

Our own Steve Holmes (FRICS) explains the benefits of a building survey. “It’s very easy not to see the ‘wood for the trees’ when we view a property for the first time. Not only do we have all the time pressures of the viewing, there is also the knowledge that there are now other willing buyers queuing up behind you … Read More

Building Surveying – The Chawton Hill Way

Building surveying the Chawton Hill Way

We launched our regional building surveying programme nearly 10 months ago & we now cover 8 counties in the South; Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Essex, Suffolk, Kent & Sussex. Local building surveyors are being attracted by our full service proposition whereby we generate bookings in a pre-agreed set of postcodes and our HQ team handle all survey administration. This leaves … Read More

Tips to sell your home

tips to sell your home - 5 senses

Our top tips to sell your home for the best price. As part of our building survey service, we offer a free walkaround with your surveyor to discuss the property. During this half hour or so discussion,  many of our customers mention things like, ‘I just know this is the one’ or ‘it just feels right’. As a home seller, … Read More

Fire Damage Reinstatement Update

Fire damage reinstatement Bookham Surrey - Utility

FIRE DAMAGE REINSTATEMENT UPDATE : Back in January we posted a review of a property in Bookham, Surrey that had suffered a fire. We were appointed to manage the reinstatement project from initial building survey to repair contractor selection, negotiation & co-ordination of the works. As we mentioned, the project was due to complete at the end of March & … Read More

15 House Buyer Questions

15 house buyer questions for building surveys in Surrey

These 15 house buyer questions should help in deciding on your next move. House hunting can be such a stressful time that it’s easy to forget some of the key things you need to know before making that leap. But if you do, you could find yourself stuck with a host of problems that are difficult and expensive to solve. … Read More

Building Surveys – The Chawton Hill Way

Building Surveys in Surrey, Chartered Building Surveyor

Building surveys are a very competitive market – for example just Google ‘building surveyor in Surrey’ and you will return nearly 400,000 results! So why trust the structural condition of your next property to Chawton Hill, after all aren’t all RICS accredited surveyors the same? Surely it’s about saving as much money as possible? A HomeBuyers report is much cheaper … Read More

Japanese Knotweed – Antisocial Behaviour Order!

Japanese knotweed building survey in Surrey

Japanese Knotweed was considered ‘a capital plant for the small town garden’ back in the 19th Century. Today you can be fined up to £2,500 for not preventing the spread of this invasive plant. RDEFA have ‘no plans’ to eradicate the plant due to the ‘prohibitively expensive’ $1.5 billion cost that is attached, so why do we want to get … Read More

New NESCOT parking facilities

NESCOT parking and main entrance

Our latest NESCOT project to receive Epsom & Ewell Borough Council approval is the re-development of the site’s parking facilities & main entrance. As the first impression for new visitors & returning students, this phase really helps to finish off the collage’s £ multi million redevelopment plans. Our relationship with NESCOT goes back nearly fifteen years. In that time we … Read More

The Perfect Building Surveyor

The Perfect Building Survey best home surveyor for residential RICS Building Surveys in Surrey

Here’s a graphical, somewhat lighthearted look at the Perfect Building Surveyor. More blog pieces you may like; Women in Surveying Surveying Equipment Homeowners take a serious financial risk Property Maintenance If you are looking for a local, RICS Chartered Building Surveyor for your new property, one that understands the local market & area then please do get in touch. Our … Read More

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of our house building surveys in Surrey via SurveyMonkey

We have been collecting Customer Reviews for a few months via SurveyMonkey, mainly for our residential building surveys in and around Surrey. Some of the comments and feedback we have received you can see on our Building Survey Quick Quote page but we thought it would be interesting to share some of the statistics to date. Whilst the sample size is … Read More

Should you rely on a desktop mortgage valuation?

mortgage valuation is not a building survey

It is interesting to see just how reliant High Street mortgage providers are becoming on an automated mortgage valuation. On Your Side A recent experience with one that claimed to be On My Side was a good example. There was an implied acceptance that confirmation of our anticipated valuation identified a ‘good’ property. The mortgage valuation report came back and … Read More

July House Prices

July House Prices RICS data

Latest July house prices – we last looked at house prices just prior to the UK’s historic EU vote. At the time we commented: Extract from May House Prices review ‘The more the Remain campaign pushes the economic advantages of staying within the EU and Leave continue to promote a reduction in immigration, so we believe more sentiment will swing … Read More

Homeowners take a serious financial risk

homeowners take a serious financial risk

New research from Churchill Home Insurance indicates that over seven million UK homeowners take a serious financial risk by choosing not to have a survey completed on their next property. This includes 3.5 million people who did not have any type of independent checks completed. With the price of property stretching many home owners’ budgets, it appears people are scaling … Read More

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance; House cut away RICS Building survey in Surrey

Our RICS Building Survey report helps home buyers make an informed decision when purchasing a new property or when planning repairs, property maintenance or upgrades. Each aspect of a property is considered and where possible any potential risks are identified together with estimated repair costs. During a building survey, we often find areas that would benefit from regular property maintenance, so we’ve pulled … Read More

New Building Survey Report

building survey report in surrey, structural survey in surrey

We have been gathering feedback on how our Building Survey Reports are presented and if there were any useful sections we could build in. Recently we looked at how our RICS Building surveyors were now using direct input dictation software loaded on their smartphones to help speed up the delivery of the report to our house-buying customers. Often the draft … Read More