Surveying Equipment

Leica and Stanley measurement tools

What surveying equipment do we regularly use and recommend at Chawton Hill?

We ask our team of chartered building surveyors what they take to a full building survey?

For more details on what is covered by a building survey please see our Why buy a Building Survey post or  our Building Survey page.

  • Steve Holmes, Director

    Dragon Anywhere smartphone dictation app

    Dragon Anywhere smartphone dictation app

    Guided by our ISO 9001:2008 certification, we are always looking for improvements in our processes.

    Traditionally, a surveyor would dictate on-site their condition report for typing back at the office. We implemented a change to direct input earlier this year using Dragon Anywhere smartphone app from Nuance.

    By downloading our new building survey template to the Dragon Anywhere app, we can greatly improve the deliver of our building surveys to our customers.

  • James Mathewson, Principal Surveyor

    GE protimeter surveying equipment

    GE protimeter surveying equipment

    Undetected moisture in buildings can result in water damage including hidden mold and structural decay, which is why it is very important to use an accurate moisture meter to access levels of moisture and identify any moisture related difficulties.

    We have been using GE’s Protimeter for a number of years and find it to be consistently accurate and easy to use.

  • Mark Belton, Chartered Surveyor

    Leica and Stanley measurement tools

    Leica and Stanley measurement tools

    Accurate measurements are vital in the preparation of a professional building survey. Whether it’s assessing the level of a floor, the dimensions of a proposed extension plan or the condition of a wall, we always carry a Stanley surveyors tape measure, a Leica Disto D2 measure, a Stanley plumb bob and a Stanley spirit level.

  • Abi Peters, Surveyor 

    Youngman telescopic ladder

    Youngman telescopic ladder

    Getting into loft spaces, above wardrobes to access the condition of walls or looking at guttering and flat roofs all require a portable ladder. One which can easily fit into the boot of a car and is light enough to carry around a property.

    We have used Youngman telescopic ladders for a number of years as they are great quality and meet all the current Health and safety requirements.

  • Dave Smith, Surveyor

    ISBA Conference torch key ring Chawton Hill Stand 7

    Chawton Hill LED key-ring torch

    Wherever possible we inspect all drains at a property so it’s helps to have a set of drain keys and a scewdriver to help clear and lift drain covers.

    Of course a good torch is essential and we all carry a Chawton Hill LED key-ring torch. It’s strong beam provides a clear view up chimneys, into loft spaces and other unlit areas.

  • Chartered Building Surveyors

    Residential, commercial & party wall surveys

    Residential, commercial & party wall surveys

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