Diversity, Engagement and Staff Development

Chawton Hill is only as strong as our employees. That is why we are committed to helping them develop their careers whilst they are with us. We work hard to recruit the best talent.  Diversity, inclusion, and social mobility are areas in which we are especially proud of.

We strongly believe in schemes that help development and progression into the industry such as apprenticeships. This year we welcomed our newest apprentice. After a difficult 18 months due to COVID-19, Nicholas was made redundant from his previous apprenticeship. Nicholas is now continuing his studies alongside his Assistant Building Surveyor role with us. Find out more about Nicholas’ path into the construction industry in this interview [Link to article about Nick].

Ensuring our team are given the chance to develop themselves and their careers is at the heart of our business. We offer all our team members progression opportunities including assisting with professional chartered memberships.

We believe the construction industry needs a more diverse workforce. The Chawton Hill team is made up of diverse professionals from single parents to people of diverse race and gender. Empowering the team to feel fulfilled in their careers whatever that may look like, free from the fear of harassment or discrimination, with a strict zero-tolerance policy is a key priority.

Where possible we recruit a mix of both qualified and trainee staff from a variety of backgrounds. This helps ensure a diverse workforce, providing varied experience, skills, and ideas, allowing us to meet the high standard expected from an RICS regulated firm. We look to encourage development of transferrable skills to bring people into an industry suffering from a skills gap.

Our teams, wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us. Without a positive working environment and job satisfaction Chawton Hill would not function the way it does. We promote wellbeing with away days, team building activities, career progression, and flexibility. COVID-19 has enabled us to increase that flexibility further.


Sustainability is incredibly important and the centre of much debate in recent years. In this industry we have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment with the decisions we make.

Active contributions to sustainability and transforming plans to make them beneficial economically, environmentally, and socially from the start of projects and in every aspect is essential. We aim to not only meet but exceed targets set out on projects. We are dedicated to ensuring the use of the most efficient methods for construction; minimising waste, reducing our carbon footprint, and examining material and supply chains to enhance efficiency.

Instilling a sense of responsibility within our team members and keeping them up to date with the latest developments, regulations and conversations surrounding sustainability and the part we need to play. CPD training incorporates training and knowledge on standards key to the industry including, BREEAM, WELL and ISO9001.

Commitment to Regulations

As mentioned previously we are committed to more than meeting standards.

Standards we comply with:

  • Modern Slavery Act 2015
  • Equality Act 2010
  • Human Rights Act 1998

We are also committed to enhancing our supply chains and reduce risk by conducting supply chain mapping and risk assessments to identify and remove risks.

Whenever possible, we operate in a spirit of continuous improvement. We work with suppliers to bring about change within specified timeframes.

Collaboration and community

Collaboration and community outreach is at the centre of Chawton Hill’s outlook. We started off as a small business in 2001 and have grown in size and reputation since. We however wanted to make sure the things that were most important to us were not lost in the process. Community and collaboration are two key principles to Chawton Hill. We look to work with local projects and help support our community whenever we can. We have worked on a variety of projects in the local area from healthcare centres to church renovations and school developments.