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The great thing about working in the built environment is that every single project comes with its own challenges. Schools in particular, require careful thought. We often have to plan work and activities around many competing needs, usually ensuring that disruption to the school’s working day is kept to a minimum.

Shrewsbury House School in Surbiton was founded in 1865 by a local clergyman. It moved in 1910 to ‘Haulkerton’ a large Victorian Arts and Crafts mansion that dated from the mid-nineteenth century. The main house was soon renamed Shrewsbury House and the School has remained there ever since. It was a privilege to work with such a prestigious client to bring their reception into the 21st Century.

Recent work on Shrewsbury House School, led by Kit Lu was no exception in this regard. The school had a desire to refresh their reception area, to make it more appealing to visitors and generally refresh the area. The challenge was to meet this brief, whilst at the same time keeping within the client’s budget and ensure a good quality result. There were also a number of other considerations, such as the requirements of the equality act, visitor circulation, etc.

One key feature of the project was the reception desk. The client already had a standard desk, but wanted something more appealing. Using our knowledge of suppliers and sources, we were able to arrange for a desk to be custom-made. This provides the room with a classy appearance, whilst maintaining all of the client and regulatory requirements.

Shrewsbury House Plans

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