Safe roof surveying

Airocam roof surveying system for building surveys in Surrey

Safe roof surveying is an issue we’ve touched on before when reviewing Building Survey Drones back in April last year.

Whilst there are a good number of benefits associated with using drones when carrying out building surveys on particular types of buildings, such as reduced risks & increased access to hard to reach areas, they are less practical for day-to-day property surveys. With the Civil Aviation Authority requiring a remote pilot qualification, permissions, risk assessments and insurances, a new system from Airocam might prove a better solution.

We therefore asked the Airocam team to visit our Leatherhead offices in Surrey to demonstrate the system. Here’s what happened;

Our Principle Surveyor, James Matthewson commented ‘ having fallen off a ladder early on in my career, this would make surveying a roof much safer’

Abigail Peters, Building Surveyor said ‘ being able to demonstrate, in real time to a client, a particular roof or chimney issue would be an added benefit to our free walk around service we offer at the end of every Chawton Hill building survey’

We can see the system replacing expensive scaffolding or hiring of a cherry picker for the day which can cost upwards of £600. We also liked the option of directly inputting the images into our Building Survey reports. As we have recently updated our report format, we are looking at ways to improve the presentation and delivery of survey information to our Surrey home-buying clients.

Airocam safe roof surveying system for building surveys in Surrey

Airocam safe roof surveying system for building surveys in Surrey

The complete Airocam system is available for just under £1,000 at

We have been left a trail system,  so will publish our thoughts once we’ve tested the kit on our next few building surveys.




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