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Following on for our Women in Surveying post last month, we take a look at the latest RICS salary survey to see if there is still a significant gap between male and female surveyors.

By way of context, the Commission for Employment and Skills records the general UK pay gap as 19% in favour of male professionals.

In our own interview, Abi Peters raised issue of women temporarily withdrawing from the sector when they have children. The Association of Women in Property have focused on this critical mid-career point and is promoting a number of initiatives such as flexible employment, engagement during career breaks and active support by helping women re-familiarise themselves with work before returning. However are female surveyors returning to work on an equal salary basis with their male colleagues?

Our info-graphic highlights the key results from the RICS/Macdonald & Company survey of 7,466 UK property professionals who completed an online questionnaire between December 2015 and January 2016. This is the largest and most comprehensive property sector salary survey in the UK.

Whilst there are government plans to force companies with more than 250 employees to publicly disclose gender pay gaps, we don’t support quotas or enforcement. Rather, Chawton Hill take a much more pragmatic view that you simply employ the best person for the role.

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