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Party Wall Matters

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Party wall matters are covered by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. It is aimed at reducing the risk of disputes following works on, or near to, a party wall or structure. We have many years of  experience in acting as both the building owners surveyor and the adjoining owners surveyor.

You can be totally assured of our impartial approach to dealing with all matters relating to your Party Wall award.

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Find out more about party wall issues in our blog post here

Do I need a party wall agreement?

The questions to ask yourself are, ‘do I intend to carry out work which involves’…

  • Work on an existing wall, ceiling or floor structure shared with another property?
  • Building on or at the boundary with another property?
  • Excavating near a neighbouring building or structure?

If you answer yes to any of these you must find out whether the work falls within the scope of the Act. In doing so you must serve the statutory notice on all those defined in the Act as ‘adjoining owners’.

However, determining if a particular building project is within the scope of the Act is often more complex than simply checking the general criteria stated above. Failure to correctly identify the status of your project could result in the building works being unlawful.

We always recommend you should seek professional advice.

Chawton Hill Chartered Surveyors are happy to offer an initial free discussion on your particular building project to confirm if it falls within the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

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