Postcode comparison tool

HSBC postcode comparison tool

We found this very useful postcode comparison tool on the HSBC website.

It allows you to find out some useful comparisons of your current postcode, as well as review the postcode of an area you might be looking to move to.

As we mentioned in our CHOOSING THE PERFECT LOCATION article, there are a number of things to consider when looking at a new property and it’s location.

This tool helps with;

  • Property Prices
  • Council Tax rates
  • Types of Property
  • Ofsted school rates
  • Types of households
  • Area Happiness score

To access the postcode comparison tool please visit HSBC POSTCODE COMPARISON TOOL

Once you have found that perfect home in the perfect location, why not let one of our RICS qualified surveyors inspect every aspect of it’s structure and condition?

Only a full Building Survey will;

  • establish how the property is built, what materials are used and how these will perform in the future
  • describe the visual defects plus expose potential problems posed by hidden defects
  • outline the repair options and give you a repair timeline whilst outlining the consequences of not acting
  • include a much more thorough inspection and consideration of the roof space, services, ground floors any outbuilding

And not all Building Surveys are the same, even if their costs are similar. We’ve been carrying out surveys since 2001 and have developed a service that not only covers the 2 to 4 hours we spend looking at and testing where appropriate every part of the property but also;

  • the full administration of arranging the survey with agents and/or owners
  • a free walk around for you to discuss the property with your surveyor
  • detailed roof/chimney images or live video of the roof/chimney during the walkaround using our Airocam system
  • a full photographic schedule within 3 working days
  • full access to your surveyor throughout to ask any questions via email an or the phone
  • a invoice that you only pay once you are happy with all of the report details

That’s what we call The Chawton Hill Way!

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