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Our latest NESCOT project to receive Epsom & Ewell Borough Council approval is the re-development of the site’s parking facilities & main entrance. As the first impression for new visitors & returning students, this phase really helps to finish off the collage’s £ multi million redevelopment plans.

Our relationship with NESCOT goes back nearly fifteen years. In that time we have been involved in multiple projects, to the point that many of the on-site facilities have had some degree of Chawton Hill involvement.

A key driver of this particular project is Surrey county’s  higher than average level of car ownership coupled with the severe congestion in several local areas around the site. NESCOT therefore wished to continue its strategy of removing parking from the Public Highway and adjacent private streets. It also wanted to offer improved facilities for motor cycles & cycles, inline with the wider Surrey Cycling Strategy and cure an on-going surface water issue in the existing parking area.

Plans for 750 car parking spaces, 30 motor cycles & 252 cycles with changing facilities were approved. The plans allow for a fully revised drainage plan, landscaping including new tree planting pits, bulb areas, hedges and ornamental planting. Vehicle access has been consolidated to the main car park, delivering a much improved pedestrian only area in front of the reception. This area will offer seating & landscaped, green spaces for visitors & students.

The car park lighting will be upgraded with sustainable, energy efficient LED lighting, dramatically improving safety & security. The LED’s will provide a uniform illumination, reduce shadows and eliminates dark corners, so pedestrians feel safer and drivers enjoy good visibility. This combined with traffic calming measures & a full site ‘swepted path analysis’, will deliver a safe area for site deliveries, visitors & students.

As with many of our education facility projects, the works will need careful management during term time and phasing during the summer break as the college run a number of  popular summer classes. We have run many similar occupied site projects for schools and collages so will be able to put our extensive experience to great use on this project.

Completion is scheduled for the end of August in-time for post A level result enrollment and we hope to have some finished pictures to share later in the year.