Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score is a customer loyalty metric that measures how likely our business customers are to recommend our service to a friend or colleague.

NPS, or Net Promoter Score, is a simple metric to calculate. We ask our business clients the following question;

How likely is it that you would recommend Chawton Hill Chartered Surveyors to a friend or colleague?

Anyone who scores a 9 or 10 is a “promoter.” Our NPS is calculated by subtracting the number of detractors from the number of promoters and dividing by the total number of respondents.

Net Promoter Score
Net Promoter Score February 2020

We use this metric for our B2B customers and our TrustPilot page for our B2C residential building survey customers.

We see NPS as a leading indicator of future growth. That is to say the larger the number of advocates for our professional services, the lower our customer acquisition costs, and the more effective our customer development activities will be.

But that’s not all we use NPS for. We also ask the following couple of questions which help us to improve our service and gauge where we need to improve or where we are doing well. Whilst we have only started collecting an NPS score recently, the feedback to our supplementary questions have already proved very useful.

What changes would Chawton Hill Chartered Surveyors have to make for you to give it a higher rating?

What does Chawton Hill Chartered Surveyors do really well?

If you would like to talk to us about your building project, we can offer a full range of professional services including Lead Consultant, Project Manager, Principal Designer, Cost Consultant & Building Surveyor.