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  • Nescot College

Project Team

Our Role

Design, Project Management and Contract Admin

Project Details

Our client, Nescot College appointed Chawton Hill to oversee a project to replace windows. We also helped fit-out a new Institute of Technology department. We worked throughout 2023 to complete the project.

Window Replacement

The college secured funds to replace the original timber and aluminium windows in one of its buildings, built in the 1980s. Upgrading the windows would enhance thermal efficiency and therefore reduce overheads. It would also improve the visual appearance of the building, helping it match with the rest of the campus.

The contract for the fabrication and installation of the windows was awarded to Capital Windows. The installation needed to take place during term time, which meant careful planning was required to minimise disruption to students’ learning. The work was carefully sequenced week-by-week, with stringent health and safety protocols in place to ensure students, staff and contractors were kept safe at all times.

It was vital the installation of the windows completed before the term ended so the next stage of the project could begin. The project worked its way through the building, moving each classroom out as the works progressed.

Technology Suite

Following the installation of the windows, the work on the internal refurbishment of the classrooms in the technology suite could begin.

This technology suite would be home to a new style of classrooms. Full of the latest technology, including an AI room with working robots, the complexity of this project came from managing various stakeholder perspectives.

The type of equipment being installed meant this project was technically challenging. It also needed additional security measures due to the expensive state-of-the-art tech. Chawton Hill looked to find a specialist subcontractor to handle the installation, but due to them being located in the USA, it was decided at the feasibility stage that this would be too risky.

Instead, NESCOT procured the equipment directly and we worked with a local general building contractor to manage the install. Thanks to NESCOT College, and the entire project team for a job well done!

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