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The National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC)  is an international organisation of women working in the construction industry.

It’s members include architects, lawyers, engineers, building surveyors, project managers and others working both directly in the industry and providing services to the industry.

Towards the end of last year we were contacted by NAWIC on the back of our Women in Surveying post where we interviewed our very own Abi Peters. At the time we asked Abi about how she first got interested in surveying and if she had any tips or advice for young women looking to start a career in building surveying.

The National Association of Women in Construction invited Abi to attend the launch of their ‘Image of Construction’ project at Ivory House in St Katharines Dock. The project’s aim is to illustrate all roles available within the construction industry and by sharing the diverse range of journeys taken by women, the hope is that young women thinking about a career in construction will find someone they can relate to.

NAWIC plans to develop a bespoke website and produce a photographic book designed by creative agency Philosophy using the images taken by professional portrait and architectural photographer Morley Von Sternberg on the night. The book and website will be used to help schools, colleges and universities across the country inspire more young women.

Abi said of the evening ‘ it was a great opportunity to meet a wide range of women involved in all aspects of the construction sector, from architects to one lady who surveyed buildings by abseiling down them! I’m really looking forward to seeing the new website & hopefully encouraging more women to consider building surveying as a career. As I mentioned during my Women in Surveying interview, if you have a genuine interest in the built environment, new technologies and sustainability then surveying is a fantastic, rewarding career, where every day is genuinely different.’

If you are interested in building surveying as a career, why not get in touch and see if it’s the career for you.