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Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Project Team:

RBK, R Collard, Pick Everard, Ridge & Partners, Temple, Chawton Hill

Project Value:

c. £430k

Project Details

Chawton Hill successfully completed the demolition project at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre in Kingston. Following structural issues with the previous building, the council took the opportunity to look at options for a new centre on the site.

The first stage of the project saw the demolition of the old Kingfisher leisure centre, which Chawton Hill project managed.

A slightly unusual project, we were required to administer a National Federation of Demolition Contractors contract. The contract provided only limited scope for dealing with the typical issues we would normally find in a standard construction contract.

As a key piece of public infrastructure in the borough, we were mindful of the needs of various stakeholders. There was also some confidential information involved in the project which required sensitive handling. Additionally, we had to take care around the numerous planning stipulations for the project. These had to be discharged both before and during its execution.

Archaeological Risks

Included in the scope was a requirement to execute archaeological works which required careful management to ensure minimal impact upon the planned completion date for the works. We were delighted that the project finished on time and within the planned budget, subject to a few additional requests from the employer.

Another key requirement for the project was that of sustainability, something we see more and more used of on our projects. Though demolition was unavoidable, almost 100% of the demolition materials were recycled or crushed and reused on-site.

Thanks to the entire project team and we look forward to seeing the new project develop. Should you need any support with project management on a demolition, get in touch with one of the team today.

Take a look at the time-lapse video of the project here:

Thanks to Millenium Security for the video.

As always, should you need help with project management, commercial and contractual support, do get in touch.