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The Costs of New Church Construction Projects

Construction in the UK ranks amongst the most expensive in the world. Our strict safety and quality regulations mean construction projects tend to be delivered well and to a standard that is the envy of the world. In addition, land values are consistently high. However, that level of safety and quality comes at a price. London is second only to Geneva in terms of construction cost in a recent survey. But what are likely church building costs? We take a look…

Before you undertake a church project such as a new church hall, you will need to be fully aware of the likely costs and risks. As luck would have it, Chawton Hill can assist with those! We’ve assisted clients across the ecclesiastical world. Those projects range from general building maintenance and quinquennial surveys to full management of new buildings.

Key Costs in Church Building Projects

So what are the likely costs? A recent church hall we helped deliver cost the church £2.9m. One of the biggest challenges in 2023 is the continuing uncertainty of material costs and availability. The COVID pandemic, followed by the Ukraine war and challenges created by new border controls with the EU have brought new challenges to construction. We have had to adapt and become more creative in helping clients keep costs under control.

Some factors in costing a project can include:

  • Planning consent – c.£462
  • Architects fees (hourly) – c.£100
  • Stained Glass window repairs – c.£500 each
  • Roofing (daily) – c.£250 a roofing project can cost upwards of £8500.

These are just a handful of the many costs to consider.

Other Cost Considerations

In 2023 and beyond, there are more considerations yet. In the past, construction using concrete and steel would have been a simple choice, quick and cheap to procure, built to last a long time.

These days, the trend is to use cross laminated or other forms of timber construction where possible. There are serious considerations here around insurance. Though you may be surprised to find that it is not the risk of fire, but water that insurers are most concerned about.

There are critical choices to be made when selecting heating and energy systems. Gas is now being phased out as an option for heating buildings, with air or ground source heating replacing it.

Energy sources such as solar, wind and others are strong considerations. Given the large expanse of space on many church roofs, solar (or Photo voltaic) panels may well be a good choice for that long, South-facing elevation!

Reducing energy use and ensuring sustainable construction is important. But this must be balanced against budgets. Sadly, the most sustainable options are not always the most economical.

A Good Surveyor

And of course, with all of this, good advice is key. A good surveyor can help keep costs down by sourcing alternative materials and suppliers. Chawton Hill’s team have great links to a vast range of suppliers and experts across a range of religious buildings. As a result, they are well placed to help minimise the risk of cost and maximise the success of any church project.

Finally, whether you’re looking for advice on planned maintenance or are considering a full construction project, take a look at our free guide to church buildings, maintenance and repair. And if we can help at all, please get in touch today.