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We’ve delivered five Ambulance Make Ready Centre’s (MRC’s) since 2010. There are a further three centres in development and three in feasibility across the UK. Therefore, we are often asked the best method of funding Ambulance Make Ready Centres. 

In the construction sector, there is a well established market for third party developers (3PDs). Their service covers building and leasing back buildings to end users and other providers. Where resources and expertise are scarce, 3PD’s can provide a workable and timely solution. 

However, in such a specialist sector as Ambulance MRC’s, the benefits of a NHS Trust engaging a 3PD for funding are often less clear. Whilst the initial costs may seem attractive, we believe a Capital Build approach is usually the best way.

To help with the discussion, we’ve created, in partnership with our specialist property and legal consultants, the following comparison;



Funding Ambulance Make Ready Centres: Capital Build v 3rd Party Developers

As can be seen, if the initial capital outlay can be effectively managed, then owning the site is by far and away the best option to fund an Ambulance MRC.

The caveat, of course, is having an experienced consultancy and delivery team who can;

  • apply year’s of MRC specific learnings
  • devise a site strategy that assists with the initial capital outlay
  • advise on all legal aspects of the project
  • provide cost effective packaged site and building designs that are adaptable and flexible
  • effectively engage MRC staff
  • successfully gain planning consent
  • maximise investment through managed contractor tenders
  • deliver an operational MRC on-time and on-budget
  • support the operational lifespan of the building and protect it’s future value to the Trust

We believe only Chawton Hill has the experience, established consultancy partners and the ‘willingness to go that extra yard’ as SECAmb has commented, to deliver MRC’s for the NHS across the country.


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