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Flood reinstatement insurance claim – as part of our Block Management services we are often engaged to project manage reinstatement works following an insurance claim.

In this case block managers White & Sons had a problem with a leaking waste pipe in one of their Reigate buildings and the subsequent damage needed to be rectified to return the property to its pre-water damaged state.

Working with the resident and the loss adjuster, we assessed the damage to both the property’s kitchen and bathroom, produced a detailed Specification for the reinstatement works and successfully managed the Contractor on site to complete the works within 4 weeks of commencement on site.

The bathroom wasn’t as affected as the kitchen by the leak and we deemed the bathroom suite to be dated but serviceable. However, whilst the contractor was on site repairing the water damage, the owner took the opportunity to replace the bathroom suite with a modern equivalent. In flood reinstatement insurance claim terms this is called betterment, whereby the owner covers the cost of any works or materials that return the building to an improved condition. The official definition is ‘When a policyholder decides to replace a lost or damaged item with something that is ‘better’. The policyholder is responsible for the difference between the original item’s value and the cost of the new item.’

Interestingly the bathroom floor tiles were covered under the insurance claim as we suspected they contained asbestos and commissioned a specialised Refurbishment & Demolition report that confirmed our suspicion. They were disposed of under modern health & safety guidelines and new flooring was installed.

The owner is now back in her flat and delighted with the results saying ‘Cathal (Chawton Hill Building Surveyor) was excellent and there are no complaints.’

If you have experienced a flood, leak or fire and need professional help to return your property to it’s former glory, please contact us on 01372 360663 or info@chawtonhill.com

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