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Fire damage reinstatement work is well under way at a property in Bookham, Surrey that we surveyed  back in July. At the time we wrote about the unusual formation of ‘smoke web’s when we carried out an initial insurance claim survey of the house.

As part of our Disaster Consultancy Services, we discovered these cobweb-like shapes in the room corners. They are caused by the smoke from burning plastic carrying a stronger charge than when wood, cotton or paper burns. Sometimes, this causes smoke residue to form “smoke webs” in low temperatures and high water content situations forming predominantly where the walls and ceiling come together. Whilst we had read of this particular phenomena, we had not surveyed them in a fire damaged property.

Since the initial survey,  we have selected the specialist contractors to complete the reinstatement work following a competitive pitch and have been managing the contractor repairs and upgrades to the property including the;

  • safe removal of the potentially dangerous asbestos ceilings
  • chemical cleaning and stain-blocking of the walls
  • full rewiring of the first floor
  • installation of a BS 7671:2011 compliant new fuse board in the utility room. These new units must have a non combustible enclosure. The new regulation was introduced because of reports from fire investigators of a recent trend of increasing numbers of fires involving consumer units having a moulded thermoplastic enclosure.

The fire damage reinstatement project is on track to complete at the end of March, with all the final finishes & fittings.