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Exceptional Education Facilities – thank you for visiting us at the ISBA Conference.

The Independent Schools’ Bursars Association (ISBA) supports and advises the bursars and senior management staff of more than 1000 independent schools across the UK and overseas.

Their services are designed to assist school staff in the successful administrative, financial and operational management of their schools.

We thought you might like to see our Exceptional Education Facilities brochure. Please just click on the image below.

If you didn’t manage to pick up one of our torch/touch pens or our key ring torches, please just click on your preference, send us an email and we will get one sent out to you.

If there is anything we can help you with in the meantime or you would like to pick up on a conversation from the conference please Contact Us

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Jane Smith Bursar at Kingston Grammar School – ISBA 2016 winner

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Magdalena Jackson Bursar at Aldro – ISBA 2016 winner


Our education experience in providing exceptional education facilities for schools and colleges stretches back to our incorporation. For us, it is one of the keystones of our business and we are proud to have worked at so many establishments and varied school types. Our education experience includes working with Independent Schools, Foundation Schools and Academies.

Our client commissions range from minor alteration works, Building Condition Surveys for CIF  bids through to the design and project management of new buildings and sensitively detailed extensions to schools.