How to write successful CIF Bids

Condition Improvement Fund bids

We have been writing successful funding bids in various forms for nearly 20 years. In our experience securing CIF bids comes down to following the famous five P’s. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance and avoiding the sixth P of Procrastination! The deadline for each academic year tends to follow a similar pattern. Final bids are required on the Education and … Read More

Condition Survey for schools 2019

Education condition surveys 202021 CIF Bid

The summer holidays are just over 9 weeks away but there is still plenty of time to book an up-to-date Education Condition Survey on your school buildings. Whilst the government’s Condition Data Collection report is a useful start point for local maintenance and development programmes, it does not replace a tailored survey. For example a CDC does not provide descriptions of … Read More

The ‘family GP’ for your Church

Our Lady of the Sorrows, Effingham Most other denominations and many secular organisations which are responsible for historic buildings now adopt a similar approach to inspections.

What are Quinquennial Inspection Reports? Under the Inspection of Churches Measure 1955, as amended by the Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 1991, all consecrated buildings of the Church of England must by law be inspected once in every five years by a registered architect or chartered building surveyor (the ‘Quinquennial Inspector’ or QI) who is approved by the … Read More

Block management

Block Management - Downswood Court East – Re-Roofing Project

We have carried out a number of building projects with Block Management specialists, White & Sons since we featured them in our Partner Profile  just over a year ago. The latest one completed in July, a full month earlier than scheduled, is the re-roofing of a block of flats at Downswood Court East in Reigate. The previous felt roof system … Read More

Freedom Leisure Centres

Forward maintenance registers, Freedom Leisure Hailsham Heathfield

Freedom Leisure Centres forward maintenance registers continue with Heathfield and Hailsham. Following completion of forward maintenance registers (FMR’s)  for Crowborough and Uckfield, our surveying team completed Hailsham and Heathfield last week. Freedom Leisure is the UK’s third largest charitable leisure trust operating 75 centres across the South East, Wales and the West of England. Their community ethos is one of … Read More

When Building Projects go wrong!

Fire flood disaster recovery, RICS building projects, chartered surveying in Surrey

We are often asked to review existing building projects and comment on the quality and suitability of the work. We always pay particular attention to ensure the works meet current Building Regulations and are being carried out in accordance with Healthy and Safety Regulations. One such flood damaged project had suffered two failed Contractors and two failed Project Managers, leaving … Read More

Identifying damp in your property

Identifying damp in your property, building survey in Surrey, Hampshire & North London

Damp is one of the more common and damaging problems we find when carrying out a building survey. All our chartered surveyors are equipped with a Protimeter which measures  the percentage of damp in various materials around the property and you will see our surveyors making a visual inspection of an area then taking readings with a protimeter at regular … Read More

ISBA Conference 2017

ISBA Conference in Manchester, education facilities

Education is one of our core business sectors and with the annual ISBA conference  just a few weeks away we have been reviewing our current school projects in time for the conference. As with last years conference, the Chawton Hill team will be demonstrating our 16+ years expertise in; obtaining planning permissions for school buildings, particularly in Greenbelt areas working with … Read More

Postcode comparison tool

HSBC postcode comparison tool

We found this very useful postcode comparison tool on the HSBC website. It allows you to find out some useful comparisons of your current postcode, as well as review the postcode of an area you might be looking to move to. As we mentioned in our CHOOSING THE PERFECT LOCATION article, there are a number of things to consider when … Read More

Middlesex Building Surveys

Building surveys in Middlesex and North London Middlesex Building Surveys

Chawton Hill launch Middlesex building surveys – we are delighted to announce the expansion of our building survey service to include Middlesex and the surrounding area. Our latest team member is Paul Summers, who will be working remotely from Enfield, Middlesex offering our well established building survey service to areas such as; Enfield, St Albans, Hatfield, Welwyn Garden City, Harlow, … Read More