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The summer holidays are just over nine weeks away. But there is still plenty of time to book an up-to-date education condition survey for your school buildings.

Whilst the government’s Condition Data Collection report is a useful start point for local maintenance and development programmes, it does not replace a tailored survey. For example a CDC does not provide descriptions of defects and remedies or cost information for schools or responsible bodies to plan against, a Condition Survey does.

Other areas where the CDC is limited include:

  • It is not invasive (only visible condition is inspected).
  • It is not structural (critical structural repairs may not be identified).
  • It does not report on hazardous materials (principally asbestos).
  • It does not address critical health and safety requirements such as fire and intruder alarm functionality (although surveyors observing major health and safety issues will report these directly to the school).
  • It does not take into account building use or capacity.

With the 2020/21 CIF bidding round opening in November, an up-to-date survey is a must have for a successful funding bid. The information the report contains will also help with all future estate maintenance and development plans.

A summer Condition Survey, tailored to your specific requirements is money very well spent according to Lou Raggett, Head of Trust Facilities at Shrewsbury House School;

‘Excellent survey that’s been central to our future maintenance & development plans’

Why not request we email you a free sample of a Condition Survey? If you like the content, we would be delighted to visit your school again for free. Take the opportunity to discuss what particular requirements you might want us to cover in the report.

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