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It’s that time of year again. The CIF bidding round is out. Schools looking to obtain some of that precious Government funding should be ensuring they’ve got all the information and help they need.

Top Tips for Condition Improvement Fund Success:

Good news: Chawton Hill are experienced in helping people get hold of funding through the CIF process, so here are some key considerations for you when putting together your bids:

  • Get the bid priorities right: what exactly is it that is likely to be successful? In past years we’ve highlighted some of the key subjects that are particularly popular. This year, there are new priorities, including:
    • Coal and Oil Boiler replacement – the low carbon agenda is increasingly key, and this is an area we’re more than familiar with.
    • Environmental sustainability generally – again, we’ve helped a number of schools and colleges with this.
    • Ventilation and Air Quality – following the COVID pandemic, this area has been thrust into the spotlight, and is more important than ever. There is some helpful advice and guidance from the Carbon Trust. This guide from the NEU may also be useful.
    • Other regular appearances include issues such as asbestos, gas, water and electrical safety, and security / safeguarding.
  • Can you raise funding or have part funding in place? We have found in the past that this also helps with the success of a bid. Organisations such as Salix may be able to help with this element.
  • Finally, as we’ve noted in the past, ensuring you have a compelling case is crucial to success. Things such as calculations of energy savings, costs, building condition reports, options appraisals, reports of equipment condition and the urgency / level of need can all help to bolster a case.

Key dates:

  • The information is available now on the Govt website here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/condition-improvement-fund
  • You must register by 1st December 2022.
  • The final date for submissions is 7th December 2022.
  • Then in Spring 2023 (May at the earliest) the results are released.

At Chawton Hill, the team are more than happy to talk to you about your needs. Let us explain how we can support you through the bidding process. A modest investment at the outset could make all the difference to the success or failure of your bid.

If we can help, feel free to call or email for a no obligation chat on how we can support your education projects.