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Chim chiminey, chim chiminey
Chim chim cheree!
A sweep is as lucky, as lucky can be

…which is all well and good but you may not be quiet so lucky if the chimneys in your potential new property have been altered or removed.

As we highlighted in this Removing a Chimney blog piece any works should be considered as part of the building’s structure and be approached in the same way as taking out a load bearing wall. Property owners should be able to prove Building Regulation conformity of any such chimney works.

A chimney may have not moved for many years and appear to be presently ‘stable’ but it might still become a new owners problem to resolve at a future sale.

In previous situations, we are aware that potential buyers have had an Indemnity Policy paid for by the sellers to protect them against a future issue regarding a non conformity from a Building Regulation perspective. This involves a Building Inspector visit and report on what would satisfy their requirements to enable them to provide a Completion Certificate, including any remedial works.

If you have any questions relating to chimneys or indeed anything to do with Building Regulations, please speak to one of our RICS Chartered building surveyors.

Good luck may well rub off when you shake ‘ands with a chimney sweep but that won’t help much if the chimney fall downs!