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A slightly belated welcome to Leo Okocha and Freddie Anderson, the latest additions to the Chawton Hill team. In the last couple of months, we’ve been extra busy here at Chawton Hill. Not only have we been redesigning our website, but the team has continued to grow.

So, here’s a brief intro to our two new starters and their backgrounds:

Leo Okocha

Leo joined Chawton Hill following ten years at Chartered Surveyors, Adelaide Jones, and some time with WS Architecture and Planning.

With a background in architecture and project management, Leo has worked on a mixture of projects. During his time at Adelaide, he developed their architectural department. Designs focussed on turnkey projects where he was responsible for the design, contract admin and construction.

Since joining Chawton Hill, Leo has been putting his expertise in contract administration to use on various projects. He’s been supporting the team at the Royal Borough of Kingston with the demolition of Kingfisher leisure centre, making way for a larger, new complex on the existing site.

Leo has also been working on education projects. These include the construction of new modular buildings in a primary school and a new nursery in Essex.

When he’s not working, Leo enjoys cycling and going for walks. He also takes a keen interest in historical and modern architecture, combining his work life with pleasure.

Freddie Anderson

Freddie gained his first degree in business management, before moving on to study a master’s in building surveying. However, due to the pandemic, his degree was conducted completely as remote learning. Not getting face-to-face time presented challenges, but it allowed him to develop a stronger sense of independence. It also meant he spent lockdown working towards something truly positive for his career.

Freddie has always been interested in building surveying. Having grown up in London, he developed an understanding that the property market is different to the rest of the country. He comes from a family of property developers, buying and refurbishing small-scale projects, which led him to consider a career in the industry.

Freddie finds the technical aspect of building interesting. He is fascinated by the way all the different roles fit together – surveying is far more than just valuing houses – although we do a lot of that too!

He’s currently shadowing the team, enjoying the opportunity to get on-site and watch projects progress. One of the great things about Chawton Hill is the variety of projects we get involved with. In his short time in the team, he’s already been involved in a church survey in Windsor, snagging on a high-end residential project in Guildford and party-wall agreements.

So far, Freddie says this feels like the perfect fit for him, and he likes to get out and about, keen to be on-site doing things in person. When he’s not working, Freddie loves to travel, recently visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. He’s also an Arsenal fan – but we won’t hold that against him!