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Chawton Hill

Chawton Hill has been around for almost twenty years now, so we thought it was time for a little refresh of our image and appearance. We’ve been serving both domestic and commercial clients throughout the South East and wider UK for nearly two decades, delivering a quality and consistent service which has ensured a longevity we’re proud of. However, we thought it was time to update our logo and image. 

So, you’ll find that all our branding and literature going forward will have the new, colourful ‘four diamond’ logo. We’ll gradually update everything over time. However, we hope you’ll agree the refreshed image makes a positive change as we head out of lockdown for what we hope is the final time.

Sincere thanks to everyone – clients, friends, family and staff who have supported Chawton Hill over the past two decades and we hope you’ll join us on the journey for the next twenty! 

Thanks to Kirsty Callaby of Kybo designs for her efforts in coming up with the new logo and to our new marketing consultants, Limeslade for their work in coordinating the rebrand.