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CDM services have been a legal requirement since the introduction of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations in 2007 – updated via CDM 2015.

The rules apply to any construction project, whether domestic or non-domestic. They apply where work is planned to last longer than 30 days (or 500 person days of work) or involve more than 20 workers simultaneously. A project must have what used to be called a CDM Coordinator now a ‘Principal Designer’. This Health & Safety role involves notifying the HSE via an F10 notification form. We are delighted to be performing this task for The Nomad Theatre, in East Horsley, Surrey.


The theatre’s name dates back to 1934. In those days, performances were held in local halls and rehearsals took place in various different places – leading to the name, The Nomad Players.

Between 1957 and the mid-1990s the society performed in a small theatre on the current site. With the addition of weekly children’s drama workshops, it was obvious the old theatre needs replacing. Plans were agreed upon and coincided with the appearance of the National Lottery. An early, successful application provided the opportunity to develop the theatre and all the facilities required for wide-ranging drama activities.  The result is a small theatre with a raked auditorium, fly tower, revolving stage, and two trap doors.

The next development stage will see the removal of an existing 75-year-old timber-clad building and the construction of a new, 50% larger extension. This provides an updated kitchen, bar, lounge, and backstage facilities. Named The Greenroom Project, the theatre secured donations of over £250,000. It’s well on its way to the total project cost of £350,000. Chawton Hill waived all our CDM Service fees for the project. If you would like to get involved there is a donations page on the theatre’s website  – The Greenroom Project

Our CDM Role

Chawton Hill will be on hand throughout the 6-month project. Our role is to help focus the attention of the whole team on health and safety aspects of the project including:

  • The planning.
  • Project management.
  • Early identification of hazards.

Our aim is to integrate health and safety throughout the development team and to encourage everyone involved in the project to work together.

If you are planning a larger, non-domestic or domestic project, please enquire about our CDM services