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The world of building surveys is very competitive. Just Google ‘building surveyor in Surrey’ and you will return nearly 400,000 results!

So why entrust an examination of the condition of your next property to Chawton Hill? After all aren’t all RICS accredited surveyors the same? Surely it’s about saving as much money as possible? A HomeBuyers report is much cheaper and covers the same areas, doesn’t it?

To explain the last point, both a Homebuyers report and a Building Survey will describe the construction of a property. Both will highlight any problems that require attention or may prove hazardous. They will both help you decide if any further specialist advice is required and help you understand the outline costs for any repairs. However only a Building Survey will also:

  • Establish how the property is built, what materials are used and how these will perform in the future.
  • Describe the visual defects plus expose potential problems posed by hidden defects.
  • Outline the repair options and give you a repair timeline whilst outlining the consequences of not acting.
  • Include a much more thorough inspection and consideration of the roof space, services, ground floors any outbuildings.

We occasionally hear clients comment that the cost of a full building survey sounds expensive. It’s only when we point out the following that they see the real value of what is a fairly small investment compared to the final property price:

  • RICS research shows the average cost of unexpected repairs to a property can be anywhere between £5,000 and £12,000. Compare this to a £600+ investment in a building survey to fully understand any potential issues and it seems a small price for peace of mind and valuable knowledge to approach the seller about a possible discount on the asking price.
  • Our building survey report includes a costed section, detailing outline figures for any necessary repairs. Again this is very useful when considering the short and medium term costs of buying a new property.
  • As we look at the structural design and condition of the property, we can assess the potential for alterations and improvements. Our free walk around at the end of the survey is an ideal time to discuss these and seek professional advice on what is possible. As we also have years of experience in extension planning, building approval  and project management, we can help turn any plans you may have into reality.
  • Our RICS qualified surveyors know the wide range of property stock in and around Surrey and your area. We have probably surveyed a nearby house and we understand the local issues which might affect your property. We also know the area’s amenities, so if you are new to an area we can advise on the surrounding location.
  • The building survey fee not only covers the 2 – 4 hours we spend looking at and testing where appropriate every part of the property but also:
    • The full administration of arranging the survey with agents/owners.
    • A free walk around for you to discuss the property with your surveyor.
    • A verbal summary of the main findings within 24 hours.
    • A full written report including a complete photographic schedule within 3 working days.
    • Full access to your surveyor throughout to ask any questions via email and/or phone.
    • An invoice that you only pay once you are happy with all of the report details

Of course many home buyers start on a programme of improvements once they have moved in and we have the experience and team to help deliver these developments. We offer a wide range of property improvement services including:

  • Planning Permission (for any planned extension / conversion works).
  • Building Regulation approval (again for any planned extension / conversion works).
  • Party Wall Award (again for any planned extension / conversion works).
  • Boundary Surveys.

If you are looking at a new Surrey property this year, why not fill out our Quick Quote form and will will get back to you straightaway. We hope you will agree that a few hundred pounds for complete peace of mind doesn’t seem quite so much now you know what’s involved.

If you would like to see an example Chawton Hill Building Survey please click here for our standard survey template.

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  3. Weird logo of that woman with a fan. What on earth has that got to do with a survey? Not a professional image. Just some picture a man likes I guess, but doesn’t represent a professional serious business who know what they are doing

    1. Hi Susan,

      Thanks for taking a look at The Chawton Hill Way post about our RICS Building Survey service. To explain the accompanying image, I’m a bit of a fan of Level 42 (showing my age a little!) and thought changing their 1980’s Chinese Way single cover to The Chawton Hill Way was too good an opportunity to miss!

      If you are looking for a RICS Building Survey on a property then I would be happy to ask our survey team to send you a quote, with a example survey format. Chawton Hill are RICS chartered surveyors, ISO9001 certified and our surveyors are either Associate or Fellow members of RICS. Our testimonial page has some recent feedback from our building survey customers & I would be happy to put you in touch with a couple of customers if you wanted to chat through our service with them.

      Kind regards


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  8. I like how you said to establish how the property is built, what materials are used and how these will perform in the future. I am getting a building surveyor to come to take a look at my house that I’m buying. Thanks for the tips on building surveying.

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