Building Surveying – The Chawton Hill Way

Building surveying the Chawton Hill Way

We launched our regional building surveying programme nearly 10 months ago & we now cover 8 counties in the South; Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Essex, Suffolk, Kent & Sussex.

Local building surveyors are being attracted by our full service proposition whereby we generate bookings in a pre-agreed set of postcodes and our HQ team handle all survey administration. This leaves the surveyor to focus on what they do best without having to worry about liaising with agents, arranging our popular free walk-around service or  producing reports.

We thought very carefully about rolling out our building survey system to the regions and by being meticulous with defining the process, we’ve found RICs surveyors can easily follow what we call The Chawton Hill Way. A new training programme is being developed by our HQ team & we are looking into further development such as our popular Aerocam service, currently only available in Surrey.

If you are a consultant RICs building surveyor in Southern England and would like all the benefits of your own business but without all the red tape, please get in touch. There are plenty of counties we would like to add!


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