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We have been gathering feedback on how our Building Survey Reports are presented and if there were any useful sections we could build in. Recently we looked at how our RICS Building surveyors were now using direct input dictation software loaded on their smartphones to help speed up the delivery of the report to our house-buying customers. Often the draft report is now ready for review before our surveyors get back to the office! It was therefore a good time to review the Building Survey Report format itself.

Increasingly our customers are viewing the information on multiple screens, so we wanted to provide a format that easily translated to a smartphone or tablet as well as a PC. We also know that customers really appreciate the Schedule of Repair costs that provide a good indication on what they should budget for if they go ahead with the house purchase. However a visual summary on the key issues with the property was something we were being asked for. We now include a simple traffic light system that highlights serious issues that require immediate attention in red and issues which require attention or repair in due course in orange.

The new Building Survey Report also now includes a useful Next Steps page to help customers prioritise areas such as gathering repair quotes and a Typical House Diagram to assist in identifying technical aspects of their property.

However one of the most important sections of the Building Survey Report is still the full contact details of the surveyor. We offer all our customers a complete consultative service. For example, we like to spend time with the potential owner at the end of the survey showing and discussing any issues we may have discovered. During this time we can offer advice on possible extensions and alterations based on our years of local planning and building control. We are also available on the phone or email should a customer wish to discuss anything having read the report or have any questions.

After all buying a property is likely to be a customers single biggest purchase but all too often more time, effort and cost is spent purchasing a car. Given that RICS research has shown the average repair of an unsurveyed property is over £5,000 and can be as much as £12,000, then a Building Survey starting at £500 is incredible value.

Please take a look through our new Building Survey Report;

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