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Building survey drone Parrot Bebop2

You may be surprised to hear that you can’t just order the latest HD equipped Parrot drone and start a building survey by drone. The Civil Aviation Authority is quite strict on commercial use even for lightweight (<20kg) drones, requiring a remote pilot qualification, permissions, risk assessments, insurances etc

However there are an increasing number of businesses that offer this fully approved service and as such costs are falling. There’s no doubt that in certain building survey cases, there are a number of benefits. Here are a few we can think of;

Quick Reaction

Water is strange stuff and will often appear in a very different location to where it entered a building. A drone can bypass the initial need & cost for ladders, scaffolding, access towers and aerial lifts. It can inspect quickly and identify a much clearer area where the repair is required.

Less Risk

The less time someone spends on a ladder or at height on a roof, the less chance of injury. A drone can also access difficult to reach areas which might need more specialist equipment.

Before and After

GPS based location accuracy has improved allowing a check on the quality of the works carried out, often from angles which would be impossible from a handheld camera.

Muli Locations

In a situation where a property has a number of separate buildings such as a school campus, a drone can quickly move to a new building without the expense and time of setting up new roof access.

No Impact

Unlike traditional access equipment, a drone doesn’t require pre access,  won’t leave any signs of deployment and is generally much less disruptive. For example a drone doesn’t need to block vehicular access that might be the case with a cherry picker or scaffolding.

Added Value

Of course we all know just how good video is for attracting search results so re-purposing the video content for marketing can led to some great content to share with existing and new customers.

Fragile Structures

We are experts in ecclesiastical surveys and quinquennial inspections and reports. Often these buildings have fine architectural details that can be damaged by physical access or indeed are dangerous to get close to. A drone can provide a safe view of a church spire for example and given the live feed option can be directed on-site (often under cover or indoors)  to view specific areas of interest.

Green Drones

No diesel, no pollution & only a small amount of noise from the rotors.

We have approached a number of highly reputable companies to supply this service for our clients and will be posting an example video of our South East Coast Ambulance Service ‘make ready’ project at Gatwick .

If you would like to find out more about how this innovative service can improve your building surveys, please Contact Us

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