Building Defects

As part of our Building Survey report, we summarize any building defects found by our chartered surveyors in an easy to read table, prioritizing them using our traffic light system & adding estimated cost for repairs.

Building Survey Defects Condition and Repair Summary

Building Defects, Condition and Repair Summary

With thousands of completed Building Surveys on our server, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the most common building defects.

Poor ventilation

This is a common building defects problem and one that sometimes seems counter intuitive – I’m trying to keep my home warm so why would I want all the warm air escaping?

However it’s the moisture in the air that needs to evaporate and without adequate ventilation, this becomes difficult. In the hotter months hopefully on their way, attic ventilation will reduce heat build-up, and when it starts to turn cold again, vents will allow the heat and moisture to escape.

Have a look over your roof. Our surveyors use a pole camera system that allows detailed and safe access to check not just for vents but any other roof issues.  In fact the roof is often the key area we see lots of potential defects so here are a few more to look out for when checking for roof vents;

  • Slipped/broken slates or tiles
  • Blocked roof valleys and cracked lead
  • Roof leaks and moisture
  • Poorly installed, torn, or weathered flashing
  • Ponding water
  • Overhanging trees

Damp problems

As part of our surveyors tool bag, we use a protimeter to take readings throughout a property but the general rule is older properties tend to develop some damp problems as the materials used to construct them start to deteriorate.  We took a closer look at Identifying damp in your Property in this post. 

Inadequate drainage

Seems obvious that any standing water around a property is going to cause problems but often the signs are out of plain sight, maybe in a basement or crawl spaces.

Look out for overflowing gutters, water stains in your basement, cracks in the foundations, and flaking on the walls. All of these point towards a drainage problem. Our surveyors take every opportunity to lift drain covers and check water flows. They are experts at recognizing the signs our poor drainage and if they have any doubts will recommend a separate CCTV drainage survey.

Structural movement

Sometimes it may seem our chartered surveyors are a little obsessed by wall cracks but they can often be the first sign that something more serious is happening to your potential new home, whether it’s subsidence or expansion of building components. Subsidence is one of those words that can break a new home deal but knowing what type of soil is prevalent in the area can reduce the risk and we reviewed Subsidence risk in this post.

Buying a new home is one of those major life moments that doesn’t need to be a headache. Having a detailed Building Survey carried out which identifies any potential building defects can give you the confidence and knowledge to proceed with the purchase. It may be you suspect there is some work needed with your new dream home and you want a professional second opinion to help create a repair budget or perhaps you are looking for some ammunition to negotiate a better price. Either way a Building Survey from Chawton Hill may well be the best few hundred pounds you’ve ever spent – these customers certainly thought so;

Quick, Professional and Informative

Following a recommendation from we contacted the company to organise the survey. This was done very efficiently and organised for the following week. We met the surveyor Steve on site who gave us a guided tour of the property and the potted highlights. He even sent us an emailed photo of the roof to explain what he suspected was wrong was slightly different to the evidence before the report was sent to us. The report which arrived within 3 days was very clear with the recommendations for future survey and fixes which we are not going to follow. The owners of the property we are hoping to buy even took his business card as his approach is very friendly and professional.

Mrs Pathirana

Really helpful

The reason for this building survey was a little different. Our house has been in the family for years but a little neglected as we weren’t sure whether we would keep it. Having decided to stay here we felt we needed professional advice to look into the structure of the house, check for issues and help us determine the priorities for maintenance. We were so pleased we chose to do this, and so pleased we went with Chawton Hill. Every contact we had with the team from our initial enquiry was helpful and professional. Kimberley was always quick to respond to emails and helpful and patient when booking in the survey. Stephen who carried it out was really friendly and approachable. He gave down to earth and reassuring advice and helped clarify concerns where other professionals have just confused us!
Thank you very much.

Katy Swann

A reduction of £6,000 on the property

I wished to say a quick thank you for all your help and assistance with our residential survey. In the end, we managed to obtain a reduction of £6,000 on the property, and moved into our new home in August.

Hugo Tang

Structural Survey

We very rarely complete feedback forms, but felt that the service provided by Chawton Hill in particular Stephen was excellent. The walk around really was useful and the report clearly written stating all the facts with out the usual caveats to disguise the information.

Marianne Gibson

Excellent service

Very satisfied with the building survey we received, along with great service from Kimberley and Steve. The survey was organised very quickly and efficiently and was organised for us which took the hassle away. On the day of the survey, Steve provided me with a concise verbal update which was excellent, followed by the complete survey within another 3 working days. We feel highly reassured that everything is sound and are very pleased with the service we received. Would highly recommend.

Carla Shelton

Professional and Fast Response

From instruction to survey in a week, met the surveyor for the last 30 mins at the property who walked me around and showed me areas of concern , this was a really helpful part of the survey.
Will recommend to anyone.

Neil Waterhouse

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