Bad neighbour

bad neighbour

A lighthearted look at what we think are the 10 most common annoying bad neighbour traits?

Happy families!

These are the neighbours who think they are on the Jeremy Kyle show most days and are likely to give you a live, up-close episode of their life.

Wi-Fi stealers

The neighbours that however many times you change your password, they always find a way in! You end up changing your password to ‘9 characters with at least one upper case, number & symbol’ which, of course, you never remember.

The hoverers

The neighbour who is always outside their house, particularly when you’re are in a hurry and always spring up the awkward “hello, how are you?” conversation.

The bin robbers!

No matter how many stickers you put on your green food recycling bin, they find a way to claim it, even if it has your house number quite clearly on it.

Parking warriors

Of course, they have six cars for a family of four in a house with only one parking spot. This neighbour loves to park their car wherever they want, even if this means blocking you in or surfing your grass verge.

Bin dumpers

They know bin day isn’t until Tuesday but instead of leaving it in their garage or shed like a normal person, they choose to not-so-discretely leave it right in front of your house. Mr fox will have a field day going through their uneaten takeaway and spreading it all over your garden.


We’re not sure whether they think they are part of MI5 but they shoot up like a meerkat to investigate out their window and have a gossip about your life.

Garden full of junk

These are the chaps next door who love to wind you up with the eye sore that is their garden. Rusty fridges, old mattress, a pallet or two, you name it, they have it. Of course it’s all going to be ‘upcycled’ soon!

Nuisance noise

This neighbour loves to share the Eastenders story line with everyone in the neighbourhood with their overpowering volume. They must think you don’t own a TV of your own.

The litterer

After their night out on the town, they can’t help but position their Tops pizza box on top of something, like he does in the ad!

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