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Now is the time to sell your home. Estate agents Your Move have found that in the last three months, house sales in Greater London were down 29% compared to same period in 2016. Much of the decline follows the government overhaul of property taxes that spurred landlords to rush through deals in March.

Here are 5 top tips to sell your home in a difficult market. All are straight forward but will give your property that all important wow factor.

1. Declutter


In property, size is everything. Ensure you have a good clear out of any unwanted and unnecessary clutter to maximum that feeling of space. Pay particular attention to floor space and reveal as much of it as possible. Getting rid of the clutter will also save you a little on removal fees when the time comes!

2. The Garden


Today, outdoor living is a hot subject. The garden plays an important role standing your property above the crowd. Cut the lawn, prune bushes, smarten up any flower pots, buy some cheap bedding plants and pull out those weeds!

3. Natural Light


Make sure the curtains are pulled back, have the windows cleaned and check all the light bulbs are working. Maximising natural light makes the property feel more open. Clean windows indicate the property is well maintained.

4. Appealing Aromas


Don’t forget the sense of smell. A newly cut bouquet of flowers, a brewed pot of coffee or freshly baked loaf of bread can add that inviting homely feeling.

5. Drive-by Viewing


People will scout out the property to find it’s location and see what the surrounding area is like. It’s important to keep the front of the property clean and tidy all through the sales period to encourage “drive-by viewers” to follow up with a viewing.


If you have any other tips to sell your home that have worked for you in the past, please feel free to share them and we will post an update in the future.