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We are often asked what makes our our approach to delivering education facilities so successful? We know from HEAD research by Professor Peter Barrett that great school design helps improve classroom learning by up to 16%. This is something we discussed in this recent post.

However, how do we at Chawton Hill deliver exceptional education facilities?

1. Project Planning

We place paramount importance on getting things right from the start of every commission. This means every project, no matter how big or how small must have a project delivery plan. This will ensure our clients know what it is we will be doing for them and when. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification means that we follow set and approved procedures to enhance our service delivery. We aim to ensure all schemes are completed in the most effective and consistent way possible.

2. Accountability

As members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors we have rules to follow to ensure we avoid conflicts of interest and always provide sound, impartial advice. We are particularly keen to review carefully each project. Did it deliver? Were there areas that could have been improved? Are students and teachers happy with the outcome?

It is by applying this collective knowledge built up over years and hundreds of school design projects, that we are able to offer a specialist solution that minimises risks and maximises value.

3. Procurement of project work

We always tender building projects to a range of contractors to ensure best value for money. The process ensures we have a credible range of figures for discussion. Contractors are selected for their ability to produce good quality work. They must show sound experience of working within the education sector,  particularly how schools expects projects to be delivered, the constraints of access and the importance of being able to work around occupied school accommodation.

4. Value

We offer exceptional value for money. We pride ourselves in offering lump sum fee quotations where requested or percentages based upon contract values. Our hourly rates reflect our competitive position in the market place and we are flexible in meeting particular requirements of the client.

5. Green Ratings

When specified, we have achieved BREEAM ‘Very Good’ on all of our school commissions and are always looking to incorporate effective green technologies such as:

  • Photo Voltaic Cells – providing the school with reduced price energy and an attractive feed in tariff rate when electricity is sold back to the electricity company
  • Rain Water Harvesting – collecting water from the surface water system filtering it and reusing it for ‘grey water’ purposes including whole site watering, flushing of toilets and vehicle wash purposes
  • Energy Monitoring Systems – providing gas and electric energy monitoring systems to record and display the usage of energy
  • Water Control Systems – providing solenoid controlled water systems to turn off water supplies to unused areas of buildings avoiding ‘dead legs’ of unused pipework and reducing the risks of leaks going unnoticed in lesser used parts of the building
  • Low VOC Materials – using materials that are less harmful to the environment by selecting low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) materials
  • Material Selection – selecting of locally sourced materials where ever possible to avoid long vehicle movements, higher transport costs thus reducing the carbon foot print wherever possible

Our 15+ years of experience, has delivered a wide range of specialist education facilities such as;

  • An Equestrian Centre
  • An All Weather Hockey pitch
  • A lacrosse pitch
  • A Performing Arts Centre
  • Art Rooms
  • Music Suites and specialist practice rooms
  • New Kitchens and Dining Facilities
  • General Teaching Spaces
  • Special Educational Needs Centres

In all cases we have a proven track record in obtaining Planning Permission for education developments in the Green Belt.

If you are looking to develop your school, college or academy, we would be delighted to help. Please feel free to Contact Us  for an informal discussion.